new spanner rolls





Introducing our new Tuff Tool Bags Spanner Rolls to compliment your Tuff Tool Bag. Made with the same high quality Rip Stop Vinyl as our bags, these rolls offer 12 slots for your spanners or ratchets that fold up neatly to keep your tools in order and more easily accessible than ever before.

  • Fire Retardant Construction and UV Treated
  • Constructed from Rip/Tear Resistant Fabric
  • High strength stitching
  • 12 Spanner Slots
  • Tool slots range from 3cm to 6cm
  • Keeps everything in order of size
  • 530mm width x 330mm high x 1.9mm thick
  • Velcro strap 25mm wide x 250mm long
  • Fold down top flap to keep your spanners inside
  • Easy access to all of your spanners or ratchets
  • Orange Colour for High Visibility
  • Protection for your valuable tools
  • Easily see if any tools are missing
  • Suitable for all Tradesmen
  • 4x4 Enthusiasts love them too

Using a spanner roll will ensure you never find your spanners floating around the bottom of your tool bag again.